Terms & Conditions for
Maybank #InspireGoodSG Campaign(“Campaign”)

By participating in this Campaign organised by Maybank Singapore Limited (“Maybank”), participants hereby agree to be bound by the terms and conditions as set out below (which may be varied, deleted or added to from time to time) and undertake to abide by the same unconditionally.

1. Campaign Period

The Campaign is being held in two phases (collectively, the “Campaign Period”).

a. The first phase, held from 18 July to 5 August 2019, is open to employees of Maybank, Maybank Kim Eng Securities Pte Ltd and Etiqa Insurance Pte. Ltd. only (“Internal Campaign”).

b. The second phase, held from 24 August to 31 October 2019, is open to the public.

2. Eligibility

a. To be eligible to participate in this Campaign, participants must be individuals, aged 18 years old and above, with an NRIC/FIN and resident in Singapore at the time of participation. To be eligible to participate in the Internal Campaign, participants must be employees of the said companies at the time of participation and must use their corporate email addresses to participate.

b. Maybank’s partners for this Campaign (including but not limited to the website agencies, sponsors and vendor partners for this Campaign), their immediate family members or anyone involved in any part of the administration and execution of this Campaign are excluded from participating in the Campaign.

c. Maybank shall have the sole and absolute discretion to exclude any person from participating in the Campaign without any obligation to furnish any notice and/or reason.

3. Campaign

a. To participate in the Campaign, participants must, during the Campaign Period, receive the Maybank #InspireGoodSG Gift Card (“Gift Card”), scan the QR Code on the Gift Card and submit a Campaign entry on the website (“Campaign Website”) which they land on.

b. To submit a Campaign entry on the Campaign Website, participants must:

  1. Share the good deed which they did to receive the Gift Card;
  2. Choose to:

    1. Redeem a gift of SGD5 (“Gift”); or

    2. Select a charity from a list of charities to which Maybank Singapore will donate SGD5; and

  3. Submit their particulars (including their name per NRIC/FIN, the last 3 digits and letter of their NRIC/FIN and their email address) to participate in the Campaign. Participants who choose to redeem the Gift must also provide the mobile number which they have linked to their PayNow account.

c. For Gift redemption, Maybank will credit the Gift to the participants via PayNow within 5 business days from the approval of the submitted Campaign entry. Only participants who have a mobile number linked to their PayNow account can receive the Gift.

d. For charity selection, please see Section 4 on Donations to Charities below.

e. After submitting their Campaign entries, participants are encouraged to pass on their Gift Card to others so that they can participate in this Campaign.

4. Donations to Charities

a. With reference to paragraph 3(d) above, participants can select from one of the following charities to which Maybank will donate at the end of the Campaign Period:

  1. Community Chest (https://www.comchest.sg/)
  2. Daughters Of Tomorrow Limited (https://daughtersoftomorrow.org/)
  3. Food From The Heart (https://www.foodfromtheheart.sg/)

b. At the end of the Campaign Period, Maybank will donate to the charities in Maybank’s name, based on the number of times each charity is selected by participants. Participants will not be donating to the charities directly under this Campaign.

5. Campaign Entries

a. Limited to one (1) Campaign entry per participant during the Campaign Period. Duplicate entries shall not be permitted.

b. All Campaign entries are subject to Maybank’s approval at Maybank’s sole and absolute discretion. Approval may take up to 5 business days. Participants will not be notified about approval or otherwise of their Campaign entries. Gifts and donations will not be issued for Campaign entries which are not approved.

c. Participants who submit incomplete entries will not be eligible to participate in the Campaign.

d. Gifts and donations are issued on a first-come-first-served basis and are while stocks last. The Gift is neither transferable nor exchangeable for other items. or otherwise. Maybank may, at any time without notice in its sole and absolute discretion, substitute any Gift with another gift of similar value without notice and liability to any person.

e. Any uncollected, unredeemed or unutilised Gift Cards shall be forfeited. Any participant whose Gift has been forfeited shall not be entitled to any payment, compensation or replacement notwithstanding non-receipt of the notification and/or the Gift by the participant (if applicable).

f. Maybank shall not be responsible for any failure or delay in the transmission of Campaign entries which may result in non-submission of entries.

g. Maybank’s entry transaction records in respect of Gifts and charity selections shall be final and conclusive. No correspondence will be entertained.

6. General Terms and Conditions

a. The participants warrant that they have read and understand all the terms and conditions of this Campaign and have entered this Campaign voluntarily and of their own free will.

b. The participants warrant that all information submitted and to be submitted by them to Maybank for the purposes of this Campaign is true, current, accurate and complete.

c. Maybank has the right to reject, disregard or disqualify any entry or participant, on any basis including, but not limited to, incomplete entry, fraud and/or failure to comply with the terms and conditions stated herein and in such manner as Maybank deems fit, without giving notice or reason, and without any liability to any person. No objection in this regard shall be entertained. In particular, no participant shall, or procure another person to tamper with any process or operation of the Campaign or the Campaign Website (and/or any relevant website), participate in the Campaign in any manner which may create any prejudice to or anomaly in the approval process or operation of the Campaign, manipulate the outcome of the Campaign (including but not limited to using more than one mobile number per person) and/or breach these terms and conditions, the Computer Misuse Act or any other applicable law or regulation.

d. All promotional images produced by Maybank, its related corporations or any of its authorised service providers and associated with this Campaign, participants, and the gifts will be the property of Maybank.

e. The image of any gift for this Campaign (if any) in any brochure, marketing or promotional material relating to this Campaign is for illustrative purposes only.

f. Maybank reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to vary, delete or add to any of these terms and conditions from time to time or to suspend or terminate the Campaign at any time without prior notice or liability to any person. For the avoidance of doubt, participants shall not be entitled to any damages or compensation whatsoever or howsoever arising as a result of such amendment, suspension or cancellation.

g. Maybank, its related corporations, employees and/or independent contractors shall not be liable to any person for any loss, injury, liabilities, expenses or damages whatsoever or howsoever incurred or sustained by the participant and/or any other person by reason of, arising from or in connection with this Campaign and/or delay in delivery of the notification to participants and/or non-delivery of the notification to participants (including by reason of inaccurate or incomplete addresses provided by the participants) and/or the usage of the gifts awarded under this Campaign and/or of any service, product or facility of any merchant or any transaction that are processed late, incorrectly or lost due to computer or other electronic breakdown or malfunction or for any other reason or for any other reason.

h. Maybank shall not be responsible for any other consequences including but not limited to loss of life, injury to person and/or damage to property arising from or in connection with the Campaign and/or use of the gift(s), lost, late, misdirected, damaged, incomplete, illegible or postage-due mail, or transactions that are processed late, incorrectly or lost due to computer or other electronic breakdown or malfunction or any other reason.

i. Maybank’s decision on all matters relating to this Campaign (including without limitation the Chances awarded to the participants) shall be final, conclusive and binding on all participants. No correspondence will be entertained.

j. Maybank may at any time waive either unconditionally or on such terms and conditions as Maybank deems fit in its discretion any right it has under these terms and conditions; however, any such waiver shall not preclude Maybank from exercising such rights in the future.

k. This Campaign is not valid in conjunction with other campaigns or promotions carried out by Maybank unless otherwise specified.

l. In the event of any inconsistency between these terms and conditions and any brochure, marketing or promotional material relating to the Campaign, these terms and conditions shall prevail.

m. The participants acknowledge and agree that Maybank does not warrant the security of any information sent or transmitted to the participants whether electronically or otherwise and the participants hereby accept the risk that any information sent or transmitted to the participants may be accessed by unauthorised third parties. To the extent permitted by law, the participants shall not hold Maybank or any of its officers, employees or agents responsible or liable for any such access or disclosure or for any damages, losses, expenses or costs (whether direct or indirect, or whether foreseeable or not) suffered or incurred by the participants as a result of such access or disclosure.

n. The participants consent to Maybank, its officers, employees, agents and advisers collecting, using or disclosing such information relating to the participants as submitted by the participants for the purposes of and in connection with this Campaign (including information submitted via the Campaign Website, Facebook and at the Maybank Branches) and details of the participants’ accounts, transactions, or tax or tax-related information (where applicable) to the following persons wherever situated (whether in Singapore or elsewhere), and to the extent that the information is personal data, in connection with the purposes set out in Maybank’s Data Protection Policy (accessible at: www.maybank2u.com.sg), or as is otherwise required or permitted in accordance with applicable law:-

  1. any financial institution (whether acting as Maybank’s correspondent banks, agent banks or in relation to the provision of Maybank’s products or services or otherwise), including but not limited to wire transfer service providers, exchanges, trading platforms, alternative trading systems, clearing houses, trade repositories and/or depositories;
  2. Maybank’s head office and any of Maybank’s branches, representative offices, subsidiaries, related corporations and affiliates;
  3. Maybank’s stationery printer or agent for the purpose of printing and/or mailing personalised cheques and other documents;
  4. any court, government, regulatory, law enforcement, tax or fiscal agency or authority, and/or any self-regulatory organisation in any jurisdiction;
  5. any actual or potential assignee or transferee of, or participant or sub-participant in, any of Maybank’s rights or obligations herein (or any of their agents or professional advisers);
  6. any credit bureau or credit reference or evaluation agency and any member or subscriber of such credit bureau or agency;
  7. any service provider or any other related person(s) including third party service providers, sales and telemarketing agencies, business partners or otherwise under conditions of confidentiality imposed on such service providers, for the purpose of data processing or providing any service on Maybank’s behalf to the participant or in connection with such outsourcing arrangements Maybank may have with any third party where Maybank have outsourced certain functions to the third party and the third party’s service providers;
  8. any debt collection agency or person engaged by Maybank to collect any sums of money owing to Maybank from the participant;
  9. the participant’s agent, executor or administrator and any person in connection with any insolvency proceeding relating to the participant;
  10. to the extent the information is personal data, to the persons identified in Maybank’s Data Protection Policy; and
  11. any other person to whom disclosure is permitted or required by law.

o. The Campaign website contains hyperlinks to web sites which are not maintained nor controlled by Maybank. The participants use and click on such hyperlinks at their own risk. Maybank shall not be responsible for the content of any hyperlinked website or any hyperlink contained in a hyperlinked web site, or liable for any loss, injury, claims, actions, costs, expenses or other damage arising from access to those websites. Use of the hyperlinks and access to such hyperlinked websites are entirely at your own risk. All hyperlinks to other websites are provided as a convenience to you as a user of this website. The inclusion of any hyperlink does not imply endorsement by Maybank of such websites. In no circumstances shall Maybank be considered to be associated or affiliated in whatever manner with any trade or service marks, logos, insignia or other devices used or appearing on websites to which this website is hyperlinked.

p. Nothing in these terms and conditions confers or purports to confer any right to enforce any of its terms on any person who is not a participant or not a party to any agreement governed by these terms and conditions, and the application of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act (Cap 53B of Singapore) to the Campaign and these terms and conditions is expressly excluded.

q. This Campaign and all the terms and conditions governing the same shall be subject to the laws of Singapore, and the participants of the Campaign irrevocably submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.

Information is correct as at 17 July 2019.

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